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Hi, I'm Jen, a writer, gamer and illustrator based in the UK. I write stories set in the fantasy, sci-fi and horror genres aimed at both adults and young adults. My stories have been published in Kaleidotrope and Youth Imagination Magazine. I'm also a member of BSFA and The OWW.  You can learn more about me here.

If you're curious about my stories, check out my Fiction page to see all of my publications.



Published in Kaleidotrope.


The man folded in the bathtub is still alive when I discover him. He’s a lucky find; we have eaten through most of the living. Some of the ones we don’t finish turn to increase our numbers, and some of them are simply too torn-up to revive. This man breathes in shallow little bursts. I must eat, but when I lean towards him his hands shoot up and grip my shoulder. The suddenness of it knocks me off balance; this man has more strength than he should have. As he grapples with me, half climbing out of the tub, I try to push him back down, try to pin him. A couple of my fingers snap. I feel nothing, nothing but terror as I watch my chance at memories struggle out of my grasp.


Published in Youth Imagination Magazine. YA, Sci-Fi

"Sum, do you know where we are?" Cailan knelt and checked his brother's temperature. Rising again; he settled a soggy ice-pack against Sum's cheek. "You tracked us in your book, right?" Sum cherished his star compendium Uncle Alun gave him on his eighth birthday. Every trip he mapped their progress, able to reel off not only the passing stars and minor planets, but also most of the decommissioned warships and abandoned stations.

"Kethell 73, I think. No human life." Sum withdrew his arm and winced. Cailan only had two days' worth of painkillers left; they couldn't stick around any longer than that. "What are we going to do, Cai?"



Guest Blog Posts

I'm available to write guest blog posts about creative writing for your website. To see examples of my posts, check out my blog here on my site and get in touch if you think I'm a good fit for your project. Don't forget to let me know your budget.


Design Services

As an illustrator and graphic designer by day, I am more than experienced in creating stunning visuals for your website or brand. To see my portfolio click here.

Get in touch if you have a design project you need help with.



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A few writing-related activities that I've led or been involved with over the years.


Writing Group Leader

I was the Co-Director and Founder  of the Storyslingers Creative Writing Group based in Dorset, U.K, from 2011 - 2017. We hosted many writing events and competitions open to the public, and I attended writing conferences on behalf of the group.


Competition Judge

I was one of the judges for a short story competition aimed at young adult writers, held by Dorchester Library.


Organiser of Story Slams

Co-organiser of Shaftesbury's first Short Story Slam that took place in 2012. The story slam was open to the public and raised funds for the

writing group.


Writing Workshops

I have led creative writing workshops in local schools, aimed at young adults who want to learn more about writing.


Press Release Writer

In 2011 I was the press release writer for Shaftesbury Arts Centre. My press releases were featured in The Blackmore Vale magazine, a county-wide publication about local events.


Member of BSFA & OWW

Member of The British Science Fiction Association and The Online Writing Workshop for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror.

Find Me on Substack

I have a Substack where I duplicate my blog posts, announce new publications, and post the occasional review and original piece of speculative fiction. If you want my latest news and posts sent straight to your inbox, join me there!

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