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This is a selection of sites and resources for writers and readers that I’ve found helpful, insightful or entertaining. Obviously what works for one person might not work for the next, but hopefully these will get you started. Most of these sites contain further reading links and their own resource pages.

If you find any broken links, please send me an email and I will either try to fix it or find an alternative. Many thanks!

An excellent forum where you can post your WIPs, receive feedback on your submissions, and also post critiques for other writers.

Here you’ll find information on publishers, agents, reviews, and more. Great for when you’re on the hunt for representation.

Agent Kristin Nelson indulges in polite rants about queries, writers and the publishing industry.

A publishing industry ninja group. They track and expose literary agent and publishing house scams, as well as post industry news, advice, and more.

Jane Friedman shares advice when you're hoping to use quotes or excerpts from someone else's work, including when you don't need to ask permission.

Young Adult books from A to Z. Including videos, new releases, interviews, top lists and much more!

A wonderful website that features YA books and recommendations.

A huge resource for writers. Mainly aimed at writers of fantasy or children's fiction.

Brilliant post by Rachel Aaron on how she organised her writing sessions and went from writing 2K words a day to 10K words.

The problem was that I constantly wrote myself into corners. I’d get to a point where I’d realize that what I wanted to happen couldn’t happen, because of some social custom or rule of magic I’d set up earlier. Or where something had to happen that I didn’t want to happen, for the same reason.

A huge and inspiring list of story prompts aimed at sci-fi writers, but you could probably adapt some of these prompts to match your genre or theme.

The meanings and origins of over 1,600 English sayings, phrases, idioms and expressions.

Extensive resource, listing mythology, folklore, and religion, organised into region to make searches easier.

Exactly what it says. Thank you to Tessie Hargrove for the link!

A list some of the best online magazines and sites that cater to young adult writers and readers in 2023. This is a blog post I put together and will add to as and when I find more markets.

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