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[Flash Fiction] Echoes | Horror | 133 words

Title: Echoes Genre: Horror Word Count: 133 words. Credits: Many thanks to Yvonne for eyeballing this Notes: You can find more of my published fiction, as well as free fiction, here.

This was no longer a place of joy and mirth.

The dilapidated carousel with its chipped, grinning ponies sat suspended in an endless, frozen waltz. The roller coaster frame loomed like a buckled skeleton against a sombre sky. Sometimes late at night, if you were facing a certain direction, you’d swear you could catch a waft of candy-floss and roasted peanuts on the air.

Sometimes, on certain nights at certain times, you’d swear the wind whispering through the rusty spokes of the ferris wheel was laughter—joyous and carefree, ghosts of the thrill-seekers who died here that terrible night.

Sometimes, if you were really unlucky, you might feel the cold caress of small, childish fingers on your face in the darkness, and hear the giggles ringing across the park like a death knell.

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