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[Flash Fiction] Melancholic Moons | Sci-Fi | 153 words

Title: Melancholic Moons

Genre: Sci-Fi

Word Count: 153 words.

Notes: You can find more of my published fiction, as well as free fiction, here.

Drifting through the fathomless void, he observes a pair of strange moons orbiting a distant planet. It’s not in his remit, but he is mesmerised by the way they lay together like lovers in the black expanse, their radiant glow ethereal beacons, white-blue against the star-speckled blanket of space.

Their uncanny dip and sway promises secrets of the universe, and he yearns to reach them, to experience their beauty up close.

As his mission end nears, he devises a plan. The Federation surely would not miss a shuttle for a few hours.

He launches himself toward the closest moon, its gravity embracing the shuttle and pulling it closer, closer, closer still.

But as he lands, his heart sinks: the moon is but a hollow shell, artificial, cold and abandoned.

The melancholy of shattered dreams swells within him, echoing across the barren landscape.

Not all gems are precious.

Not all secrets are worth telling.

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