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[Flash Fiction] The Archivist | Fantasy, 108 words

Title: The Archivist Genre: Fantasy Word Count: 108 words. Notes: You can find more of my published fiction, as well as free fiction, here.

Deep within the vast galactic archives, the Archivist barely slept, furiously studying holographic screens in search for forgotten civilisations. While attempting to unravel the secrets of a vanished race, he discovered an encoded message.

It spoke of transcendence, the path to godhood.

Decades passed as the Archivist systematically deciphered the cryptic instructions, until finally, he completed the ritual.

The archives shook as he ascended, his body turning to pure energy. The Archivist could feel his mind expanding, connecting with cosmic consciousness.

But in the end, he was alone. The vanished race’s secret was a test—a test he had failed. Divinity, it seemed, was not meant for him.

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