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[Short Story] The Thames Prince | Dark Fantasy | 4,400 Words

My new story went live over the weekend so here are the details and a link if you're interested in reading it:

Author: Jennifer Oliver

Word Count: 4,400 words

Publication: Bewildering Stories

Summary: Dark Fantasy. An environmental engineer meets a strange creature who only wants to ensure the safety of the Thames river.

Note: The story is split into two parts but both of them are available on the site (part one has a link to part two near the bottom of the page).

“Oh, yes,” he said darkly. “Many things. Let me tell you of something that isn’t so far back in your history to be unfamiliar to you. This city once burned all around me. I felt the heat of the flames lick my cheeks when I dared to surface. It dried the water on my skin. It fried the ends of my hair. I thought that London would be lost forever. That it would burn to ashes, and all would have to start again.”
“The Great Fire,” she breathed.
He nodded. “People flung themselves into the river. I carried them down into the depths, kept their bones safe. It is another facet of my task. Ferry the drowned.”
Evelyn hadn’t considered that. A chill shivered through her.


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