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Story Acceptance (and Hi)

It has been a while! Sorry I've not posted much over the last few months; other obligations have been keeping me busy. But that doesn't mean I haven't been submitting stories into the publishing ether in the background.

On that note, I have a new story called "The Thames Prince" coming out in Bewildering Stories soon! I'm really happy to have this particular story accepted somewhere and that people will soon be able to read it online. I kinda love it. I'll post more about the story and share a link when it's published. :)

Other than that, news on the writing front is a bit quiet right now as I've been focusing on my illustration and design work a bit more. I've got a couple of other stories out on sub though so fingers crossed I'll be able to share more news soon (and it won't be many months between). I've also got a handful of general writing / media blog posts in the works so again, there will be new content soon.

In the meantime you can check out my Fiction page to see what I've already had published.

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