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Twitter-Length Fiction

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

So I remembered some Twitter-length fiction I wrote way back and had to do some link digging to find them again. I think there might have been a couple more but I don’t remember a) what they’re called and b) where they were published. My own fault for not being diligent with link-saving.

Bear in mind these were written back when a Tweet word limit was 140 characters, rather than the abundant 280 we have available today.

Published at Nanoism. A steampunk-inspired micro-fic.

The clockmaker forged a mechanical heart when his own withered. Arthritis now twists his fingers, and all the clocks begin to wind down.

Published at OneFortyFiction. Zombie humour.

“Tim?” She blindly reaches through the shadows. “Is that you?” A slow wet shuffle and, “Brains…” it replies. That’d be a no, then.


Published at OneFortyFiction. Sci-fi-ish.

"I luff you," she said. "I lubv you," she said. "I luuh ooh," she said. Bobby scowled, wringing the manual. Nothing was made to last.

It’s been a while and I wasn’t sure if micro-fiction is still a thing, but after some research it’s nice to see a few accounts active like @DeadEndFiction and @Short Horror Stories.

There are also some more recent articles about it, such as Scary In Under 280 Characters: Horror Fiction On Twitter, by Naomi Harrington at Vampire Squid.

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