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Useful Publishing and Creative Writing Blogs

Another decent sized list of publishing and creative writing resources for writers. These are not YA-specific though. I'll add this to my Links page too so it's always easy to find.

Writer's Digest Blog: A comprehensive resource for writers, offering tips, advice, and industry insights on various aspects of writing and publishing.

The Creative Penn: Run by bestselling author Joanna Penn, this blog provides guidance on writing, self-publishing, book marketing, and creative entrepreneurship.

Jane Friedman: Jane Friedman, a renowned publishing industry expert, shares her knowledge on writing, publishing, and book marketing through her blog and newsletters.

The Book Designer: Joel Friedlander's blog offers practical advice on book design, self-publishing, and marketing strategies for authors.

Reedsy Blog: Reedsy's blog covers a wide range of topics related to writing, editing, book promotion, and self-publishing, with contributions from industry professionals.

Writer Unboxed: A collaborative blog featuring multiple contributors, Writer Unboxed explores the craft and business of writing, offering valuable insights and community support.

The Kill Zone: A blog by a group of experienced thriller and mystery authors, The Kill Zone provides advice on writing, publishing, and navigating the writing industry.

The Passive Voice: A blog that covers publishing news, legal matters, and industry trends, offering a unique perspective on the world of books and writing.

Pub Rants: Agent Kristin Nelson shares her insights on publishing, writing craft, and the querying process in this informative and entertaining blog.

Goins, Writer: Jeff Goins' blog focuses on the art of writing, creativity, and building a writing career, offering practical advice and encouragement.

The Write Life: A comprehensive resource for writers, covering various aspects of the writing life, freelancing, publishing, and marketing.

Helping Writers Become Authors: Run by K.M. Weiland, this blog provides valuable insights and tips on writing craft, story structure, and character development.

Nathan Bransford: Former literary agent Nathan Bransford offers advice and insights on writing, publishing, and the book industry in his blog.

Terrible Minds: Chuck Wendig's blog combines writing advice, industry commentary, and a healthy dose of humor to inspire and inform writers.

Anne R. Allen's Blog: A blog dedicated to helping writers navigate the world of publishing, offering tips, advice, and discussions on writing and author platforms.

Live Write Thrive: C.S. Lakin's blog focuses on writing tips, editing advice, and resources for authors, particularly in the genres of thriller and mystery.

All Indie Writers: Run by freelance writer and author Jennifer Mattern, this blog focuses on writing, self-publishing, and freelancing tips and resources.

Write to Done: A blog dedicated to helping writers improve their craft, offering tips, exercises, and inspiration for aspiring authors.

If you know of any other links that will be useful to add to this page, drop me a comment below and I'll be sure to update this list.

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